Configuration 9- office furniture Stil

Modern decors give you the possibility to furnish your workspace in style with wide range of cabinets, shelves and desks.

Make your clients or employees to feel comfortable.

The module system for office furniture Stil has 74 different modules which can be combined as your wish.

Stil is producing with high quality materials.


Materials: MFBP


Color combinations:

  • oak kraft white
  • oak kraft grey
  • oak sonoma
  • oak picardia


This configuration is in oak sonoma.


Modules included:

  • 2 tall units with a door M8: L-650/B-423/H-925
  • tall unit with a door M9: L-650/B-423/H-925

  • 2 units with a glass door M11:  L-450/B-423/H-925

  • wall shelf M20: L-900/B-310/H-380

  • desk M44 /right/: L-2000/B-900/H-750
  • desk M44 /left/: L-2000/B-900/H-750
  • 2 modules with a metal leg M59: L-700/B-1400/H-750
  • 2 desk's deviders M62L-880/B-16/H-350
  • office table M65: L-2200/B-1100/H-750
  • 4 chests of 4 drawers and keyhole M67: L-440/B-550/H-750
  • 4 computer stands M69: L-238/B-420/H-126



  • details with 22 mm thickness
  • metal legs / M59/
  • glass: "screen"

  • MDF profile titan

All dimensoins are in millimeters - width(L), depth(B), height(H)