Bedroom set Sirena

399 BGN

Bedroom set Sirena is produced in modern decors oak kraft grey and oak kraft white which gives you the chance to discover the pure combination of both colors. This means that you will have plenty of options to choose the colors for your bedroom walls or just dress up windows with colorful curtain.

Bedroom set Sirena includes a bed for mattress size 1640/1900, 2 bedside tables and a wardrobe with 3 doors.


Material: MFPB; oak kraft grey + oak kraft white


Dimensions/in mm/:

  • Wardrobe: L-1560/B-510/H-2050
  • 2 bedside table: L-360/B-350/H-300



  • wardrobe with 3 doors
  • A door with a mirror


Inside layout:

  • Wardrobe: 5 shelves and a rod


Packages: 10 packs

Weight: 161 kg.

Volume: 0.32 m3

All dimensoins are in millimeters - width(L), depth(B), height(H)

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